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Jogos Fáceis

Jogos Fáceis de ganhar neopontos e Jogos Populares

Special Games Activities

Key Quest

Win prizes and NPs


Earn neopoints when level up

Guide 1
Guide 2
Guide 3
NeoQuest II

Guide 1
Guide 2
Guide 3
Plushie Tycoon

Guide 1
Guide 2

Featured Game

Play the Featured Game Daily For
Double NP Award!

Favorite Games

Play your favorite games that are not put in this guide
New Game Challenge

Win prizes after beating AAA or Abigal

World Challenge


If you are good at some games, try to earn the WC maps

Easy NP Board Games




Sakhmet Solitaire
Flash Games

Adver Video

Kass Basher

Fashion Fever


Bouncy Supreme

Meerca Chase II

Turmac Roll

Ice Cream Machine
Ultimate Bullseye II
Sutek's Tomb

Big Time Rush

Catch The Petpet

Nova Defender

Rink Runner

Dueling Decks

Petpet Cannonball

Chariot Chase

Crisis Courier


Hannah and the Ice Caves

Techo Says

Smug Bug Smite

Moon Rock Rampage
Neverending Boss Battle
Raiders of Maraqua

Darigan Dodgeball

Math Nightmare

Snowball Fight


Cloud Riders

Bruno's Backwood Breakaway


Caves and Corridors
The Buzzer Game

Petpet Pair Up

Bumble Beams

Barf Boat

Kiko Match II

Wheeler Wild Ride

200m Peanut Dash

Stowaway Sting


Snow Wars 2

Jelly Blobs of Doom
Clockwork Codebreaker

Nimmos Pond 2

Shenkuu Tangram

Ghost Bopper

The Search for Princess Lunara
Usuki Frenzy

Snow Roller


Attack of Revenge

Extreme Potato Counter
Destruct-O-Match III

Jubble Bubble

Shopping Spree

Petpet Plunge

NC Shop Race

Jungle Raiders

Edna's Shadow

Island Chef Academy
Defender Trainer

Trouble at the National Neopian
Grand Theft Ummagine

Snot Splatter

Ready to Roll



Mutant Graveyard of Doom 2


Cooty Wars

Hubrid's Hero Heist
Mootix Drop

Attack of the Marblemen


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